Mega Entrepreneurs Global Alliance Corporation Member's Review

Mega Corp Monoline Member's Review

Ms. Cynthia S. Gavile is a direct selling expert who used to work as a corporate accountant for RFM. Her entrepreneurial skills was further honed when she transferred to Fil-Estate Group of Companies - her record of 10 billion in sales remains unbeaten up to this day.

When the real estate industry experienced a downturn after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the World Trade incident in 2001, she decided to shift to direct selling business.

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Type of System Megalinear
Products Wellness and Personal Care
Membership 2000 Pesos
Ways of Earnings MegaLine Entry Cycle , Maintenance Cycle, Leadership Bonus, Binary
Earning Potential 3000 Max / Day
Direct Referrals 2
Maintenance 1 Direct Referral & Product Purchase
Date Started -
Registered SEC, DTI, BIR
Modes of Payout ATM / Check
Payout Status Currently Paying
Monoline Reviews for MegaLinear Corporation

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